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Thank You for Scheduling

Thank you for Scheduling a Free Seller Consultation!

You will receive an email reminder a few days before our appointment.

In the meantime, please read through the list of these common seller questions and note any you would like to discuss.

  • When is the best time to sell?

  • How do I know what my house is worth?

  • Should I paint any rooms?

  • What is the best way to deal with clutter?

  • Should I take out all my personal photos?

  • Does my basement or garage have to be cleaned out completely?

  • Should I make any repairs or updates to my house before selling?

  • Should I wait for my yard to be in full bloom before selling?

  • Is a pre-home inspection a good idea?

  • Is it OK to have pets in the house when selling?

  • How do I sell if I don’t know where I’ll move to?

  • What types of things do I have to disclose?

  • What are the different restrictions imposed by certain financing like FHA/VA/RD?

  • Should I be present for showings?

  • How do I present a counter-offer?

  • What are the strategies for multiple offer situations?

  • How do I prepare for inspections?

  • What if my home doesn’t appraise at the sale price?

  • What are back-up offers?

  • What if the buyer backs out of the contract?

Plus I will give you some of my best staging tips to sell for top dollar!


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