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Is your home like a Series of Unfortunate Events?

You know how it is...

-Painting projects have been started but not finished. -Closets & cabinets are overflowing. -Trim is missing because, well, who knows. -The kids have consistently undone any decent room in your house. -And then there's the garage...

While none of this is a reason to be overwhelmed or stressed out - it doesn't mean you wouldn't feel better if things got finished and cleaned up.

So here are some achievable steps to get you going in the right direction:

1. STOP shopping (except for food of course) Shopping is fun. Buying clothes and things for your house is fun. BUT, if you are in a state of disarray, you need to stop buying stuff to make you feel better. It's a bandaid approach that never works. You just end up with stuff that you have to find a place for and you can't because you already have too much stuff.

2. START getting rid of all that stuff Seriously - it's time to let go. We hold onto so many things that just clutter up our homes and lives. Get 3 or 4 good size boxes and put them where they'll be easy to get to. An entryway, dining room, hallway, etc. Now just drop things in that you realize you don't need or will never really use. Use one box for things you want to keep for sentimental reasons BUT ONLY 1 BOX for those items.

3. MAKE a list of projects that need to be completed. Your list should be detailed and fairly easy to check off so break down bigger projects. Start with the easiest (whether it be cheapest or quickest to do). Maybe you just need to finish painting a room and you already have all the supplies. Do that first. Or finish mulching around the house. Leave the bathroom renovation for last on the list.

4. DON'T start any new projects. Maybe you just spent 2 hours on Pinterest and found a dozen great ideas to redo your bedroom. Don't do it! Stop, refocus and go back to Number 3. And STOP going on Pinterest - this is what got you in trouble to begin with!

5. ESTABLISH a timeline. More than likely you have incomplete projects because of lack of time - or so you think. Most people work best under pressure and yes, that means make deadlines. And stick to them. A great way to force yourself to stick to a deadline is to have family and friends over. Host a BBQ, dinner, etc and now your motivation has doubled because you will want to get things buttoned up before guests arrive!

6. ASK for help. Get your kids involved in cleaning out cabinets and getting organized. When taught what to do, kids (generally speaking) want to help and teaching them how to do useful things like painting, cleaning and organizing will benefit them their entire life. If you have bigger projects, plan a work day and invite friends over - just make it fun and have food and breaks with music or games.

7. DON'T be the definition of insanity. Change your approach. Stop collecting and keeping unnecessary items. Stop shopping for things no one really needs. Seriously, how many clothes, shoes, toys, kitchen appliances will it take to you make your family happy? What will make you feel content is an uncluttered and tidy home. Spend the money on family time and book a vacation instead!

You can do this! 😉


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