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Winter Photos

So we are in the middle of winter and things look messy. But there is an opportunity to be had on the morning of a fresh fallen snow - especially when it sticks to the trees!

Let me tell you why that's a good thing!

If you are thinking of potentially selling in 2019 (or even if you are not), freshly fallen snow makes for a perfect accent to take EXTERIOR photos of your home.

I usually recommend people take outside photos of their home in the summer when everything is in full bloom just in case they put their house on the market in the fall or winter. This way they'll have photos for marketing their home's great summer features that are hidden (or dead) in the winter.

The same is also true for winter! If you have a yard that is beautiful after freshly fallen snow (really, who doesn't?), then take a picture! Trees, barns, bushes, ponds, streams, trails, sledding hills and wildlife are just a few things you may want to photograph. Plus don't forget to take a few photos of your house with the fresh snow before everything starts melting and looking dirty.

Even if you don't need these photos, they still make great memories in the years to come:).

How serene - a babbling brook with freshly fallen snow.

But just a little tidbit - I would guess about half the people that put their house on the market didn't even think about selling just 6 months before - you just never know what circumstances may arise and change your situation.

All this month I'll be sharing ideas to help prepare you for selling in 2019! Stay tuned...

Happy New Year!


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